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Sailing boatsShipsBig yachts
Capacity300 litres/hour
Electric requirements230 VAC

SELPUR UV B/PLUS is an equipment for the drinkable water treatment based on a special silver activated carbon filtering cartridge "Carbon Block AG", with 0,3 micron filtration rate. The cartridge has been certified from the Italian Ministry of the Health. The water treated with SELPUR UV B/PLUS is free of unpleasant tastes, chlorine, organic substances, bacteria, viruses and micro-organisms.

The system also includes a 60 micron washable pre-filter and two Rehardness cartridge filters. The two Rehardness filter are made up of a bed filtering of naturally mineral occurring calcium and Magnesium carbonate media.
When water comes into contact with two Rehardness filter, it slowly dissolve the calcium and Magnesium carbonate neutralizes the water, it will increase hardness of the water.

At the end, the water passes through a special Ultra Violet Sterilizer, planned device purposely in order to destroy to the harmful bacteria and the virus present in the water.

The operation of the UV Sterilizer is based on a physical principle that is reliability guarantee: the emission of ultraviolet cancellation.
Light UV emitted from special lamps to mercury streams (beams UV-C = 254 nm) is highly biocide in how much interacts, to molecular level, with the DNA and the RNA. The deep induced bio-structural disorder from such cancellation interferes with the development and the ability to reproduction of every type of micro-organism rendering it inoffensive.
Such device, has been install, only to precautionary scope, for having a guarantee total and sure for how much it concerns the bacteriological pollution, of the water dealt from the system.

SELPUR UV B/PLUS is simple to install under the sink of the kitchen or in other places, where tap water is available; it is not required storage tank.

SELPUR UV B/PLUS purifies the tap water of your kitchen, making tasty, safe and to a paltry cost. Also the annoing tastes of chlorine or rust definitively will be eliminated and the foods and the drinks will be better and will have new tastes and more genuine.

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Product dimensions

Width: 335 mm
Height: 365 mm
Depth: 290 mm
Weight: 3 kg

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