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vessels of a watermakervessels of a watermaker

The reverse osmosis is a natural principle, according to which if two solutions with different salt concentrations are shared by a semi permeable membrane, water passes from the less concentrated solution to the most concentrated one.
If an external pressure is applied to the more concentrated solution, the process become reversed and it causes the reverse osmosis phenomenon (water passes from the more concentrated solution to the less concentrated one).

Osmosis process OSMOSIS
Reverse osmosis process REVERSE OSMOSIS

The reverse osmosis process is the most efficient, steadiest and modern way to process seawater and brackish water. Exploiting this phisycal-chemical natural process, it is possible to obtain fresh and drinkable water with low power consumption.
This process eliminates 100% of all polluting substances and over 80% of the organic ones: the result is a water of absolute purity, with a low dry residue and a total absence of limescale and heavy metals, phosphates, nitrates and nitrites, without traces of pesticides and radioactive materials, disinfected by bacteria and viruses. A mineral water, with the right concentration of mineral salts, useful to the human body.

The reverse osmosis technology, thanks to its scalability, it proves to be efficient and convenient both when applied to satisfy relatively small and discontinuous needs, in the range of 500-1000 liters per day typical of the yachting world, and for the continuous cycle treatment of quantities sufficient to ensure the needs of entire communities, cruise ships, of entire industries: hundreds of cubic meters per day.

The operation of membrane THE OSMOTIC MEMBRANE

The application of this process is modular: from the smallest single membrane desalinators to treatment systems consisting of thousands of elements (in series or parallel), efficiency is growing, thanks to the continuous development of new materials and more sophisticated membranes.

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