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The water is the predominant physical component of the surface of our planet, and it is an essential constituent of all animal and plant kingdom. Although theoretically unlimited in form and quality of sea water, this resource is actually very scarce and therefore precious.

For long time man had to strive to satisfy its need for water resources and to combat the drought affecting increasingly large areas of the Earth. Today he drastically faces pollution caused by industrialization, having postponed to the future - for too long - the emergency about the safeguard and renewability of the world's resources, firstly its water and energy sources.

In most cases water is available only in limited quantities and with characteristics not always adapted to the civil, agricultural, commercial and industrial use. On the one hand, therefore, it is necessary to rationalize and reduce consumptions, on the other hand it is essential to increase the availability of water using technologies and techniques that allow the exploitation of alternative water resources, as well as marine and brackish water. Finally, it is also important to preserve the quality of those resources, ensuring that the wastewaters re-entered in the ecosystem are properly purified.

The water treatment with the reverse osmosis technology represents an universal solution adaptable in all situations in which it is necessary to improve the quality of available water on site to make it suitable to the expected uses.

Selmar Technologies has embraced this technology since the early 80s: the continuous effort in research and development, design and production of equipment RO (Reverse Osmosis) constitute an experience of great value, an absolute guarantee of competence and professionalism in a sector in which the ability to analyze - with maximum precision - the specific requirements is the key to success for achieving the best results in terms of efficiency, quality and energy saving.

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